An International Colloquium on the Plates of the Encyclopédie

Sorbonne University

Dear Colleagues, 

We take the liberty of contacting all eighteenth-century societies and groups more or less linked with the 18th-Century (for example via Rousseau). We would be very grateful if you would distribute the following announcement through the most appropriate channels to reach your members.


The ENCCRE* project is pleased to announce the launch of a call for papers for the international colloquium "Les Planches de l'Encyclopédie en lumière. Mise en perspective et recherches sur le Recueil de planches (1762-1772)" to be held at Sorbonne University from May 27 to 29, 2021.

This colloquium, whose languages of communication will be French and English, should provide an update on the research dedicated to the plates of the Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire des sciences, arts et metiers (1751-1772) directed by Diderot and D'Alembert.

You will find a description of the scientific objectives of this colloquium and the instructions for responding to this call for papers 

– in English, via the link 

– en français, via le lien  

Papers should be sent before 30 September 2020 to enccre@gmail.com.
*ENCCRE = Edition numérique collaborative et critique de l’Encyclopédie = http://enccre.academie-sciences.fr/encyclopedie/ 

Link: http://enccre.academie-sciences.fr/presse/Conference_the_Plates_of_the_Encyclopedie.pdf