Conference - Ways of making philosophy - about practical philosophy

IFCS, Sala Celso Lemos (308) Largo São Francisco de Paula, Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Conference - Ways of making philosophy - about practical philosophy



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"Ways of making philosophy - about practical philosophy"
Philosophy, in a Lefebvrian point of view, should be ready to overcome, realize, even more deny itself, not theoretically, but in concreto: this denial is needed to be done through the practical energy,  punctuated by the radical critique in its relation with the practical will. This energy exactly is a transformed thought – more significantly, is philosophy itself which is transformed just through its wide openness «on the contexts and as well as below and beyond texts […]» (Lefebvre, 1985, Qu’est-ce que penser). In fact, stucked between lived experience and disincarnated discourses, philosophy  finds itself in an incessant and intensive, recalcitrant and obstinate movement of attraction-repulsion vis-à-vis the possibility of congruence between theory and practice. Posing this question incessantly, questionning congruence, living philosophy as intensity, is a threshold to practical philosophy