New Work in Intellectual History Workshop


New Work in Intellectual History Workshop

Organização: International Society for Intellectual History

Inscrições devem ser feitas até um dia antes de cada encontro em: https://isih.history.ox.ac.uk/?page_id=6580

O link para participar do evento no Zoom será enviado por email para quem se inscreveu. Não haverá certificação.



15h-15h05: Jin-Woo Choi (Princeton University), Abertura

15h05-15h35: Ankita Banerjee (King’s College London), Mukti’s Place in South Asian History: A Critical Reflection of Rabindranath Tagore’s Ideal of Freedom

15h35-16h05: Gustavo Dalaqua (Universidade Estadual do Paraná), Decolonial Democracy

16h05-16h35: Ibrahim Khan (University of Chicago), The Problem of Defining Aggression in International Law

16h35-17h: Intervalo

17h-17h30: Charlotte Kiechel (Yale University), Reclaiming Third Worldism: Encountering its Limits and Possibilities

17h30-18h: Jerónimo Rilla (Universidad de Buenos Aires), A History of State Personifications: From Hobbes’ Leviathan to Sarmiento’s Facundo

18h-18h30: Peter Thompson (Science History Institute), Trailing Blood: A Modern History of Hunting and Violence across the Species Barrier


04h-04h05: Elias Buchetmann (European University Institute) Abertura

04h05-04h35: Juliette Gout (University of Queensland), Women’s International Thought in the English Enlightenment

04h35-05h05: Goran Gaber (École des hautes études en sciences sociales), Outlines for a Political History of Critique, 1500-1700

05h05-05h30: Intervalo

05h30-06h: Eva Schalbroeck (Utrecht University), A Global Microhistory of Missionary Practices and Cross-Cultural Contacts in Colonial Central Africa

06h-06h30 Juha Haavisto (European University Institute), William Temple’s Religious Views

06h30-07h: Carlos Crespo (University of Hamburg), The Political Theory of Fascism: Sergio Panunzio on the Italian State and Constitution

Link: https://isih.history.ox.ac.uk/?page_id=6580