Indexicalism: Book Symposium


Indexicalism: Realism and the Metaphysics of Paradox

Online Book symposium

Schedule (in Edinburgh time – BST):

September, 29th


Session 1:

BST: 16:00 – 19:20 (Starts at: Brasília: 12:00noon, San Francisco: 8:00am, Madrid: 17:00)


16:00 Sofya Gevorkyan (independent philosopher and artist) and Carlos Segovia (independent philosopher): The Common, the Otherwise, and the Plucking of a Non-Ontological Daisy.

16:50 Paul Livingston (Professor, Philosophy, University of New Mexico): The irreducible paradoxical.


17:40 John Bova (University of New Mexico and New Centre for Research & Practice):

From the Essential Indexical to the Existential Indexical.


18:30 Gerson Brea (University of Brasília and TU München): In the Face of Failure: What would Jaspers say about Indexicalism?



Session 2:

BST: 20:00 – 22:30 (Starts at: Brasília: 16:00, San Francisco: 12:00noon, Madrid: 21:00)


20:00 Steven Shaviro (DeRoy Professor of English Wayne State University): In Proximity


20:50 Christopher RayAlexander (Candler School of Theology at Emory University and Kennesaw State University): Neither Earth Nor Air: Beyond Rootedness and Toward an Indexicalist Theology


21:40 Janina Moninska (Live artist): An indexical paradoxical response




September, 30th


Session 3: Spanish and Portuguese speaking

BST: 14:00 – 17:20 (Starts at: Brasília: 10:00am, San Francisco: 6:00am, ; Madrid: 15:00)


14:00 German Prosperi (National University of La Plata): Lo Otro y los otros. Algunas reflexiones a partir de "Indexicalism. Realism and the Metaphysics of Paradox" de H. Bensusan


14:50 Gabriela Lafetá (State University of Rio de Janeiro): A ética do fora face à perspectiva de dentro: o paradoxo indexicalista


15:40 Andrea Vidal (National University of La Plata): Sobre la epistemología acorde a una metafísica paradojal


16:30 Elzahrã Omar Osman (University of Brasília): Indexicalismo: Uma metafísica contra-colonial?





Session 4:

BST: 18:00 – 21:20 (Starts at: Brasília: 14:00, San Francisco: 10:00am,, Madrid: 19:00)


18:00 Graham Harman (Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Southern California Institute of Architecture): The idea of indexicalism


18:50 Charlie Johns (University of Lincoln): Unilateral and Bilateral accounts of Exteriority: The Great Outdoors OR Exteriority as Produced?


19:40 Jon Cogburn (Louisiana State University): Be(ing) Here Now: Notes Towards an Indexicalist Epistemology


20:30 Otavio Maciel (University of Brasília): Indexicals and Kenotypes - or, why signs devoid of meaning matter for communication theory



October, 1st


Session 5:

BST: 16:00 – 19:20 (Starts at: Brasília: 12:00noon, San Francisco: 8:00am, Madrid: 17:00


16:00 Aha Else (Non-specific artist): Dikembe Marcel and the metaparadox from indexical of ism


16:50 Jean Pierre Caron (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro): Place and scale: some critical remarks on indexicalism and beyond


17:40 Michel Weber (Director of the Centre for Philosophical Practice (Brussels) and Professor at the University of Saskatchewan): Metaphysics between contradictions and paradoxes: Some Whiteheadian remarks


18:30 Manuel de Pinedo (University of Granada): The other within: a second-personal paradox for self-knowledge



Session 6:

BST: 20:00 – 22:15 (Starts at: Brasília: 16:00, San Francisco: 12:00noon, Madrid: 21:00)

20:00 Responses by Hilan Bensusan

21:00 General discussion


Papers will be appear in Cosmos and History.

The event will be broadcast on the youtube channel of the Das Questões journal:




Link: youtube.com/dasquestes