Philosophy Summer Reading School in New York - Opportunity for Undergraduate and Graduate Philosophers (Filosofia Escola de Verão Reading em Nova York - Oportunidade de Graduação e Pós-Graduação Philosophers)

28/01/2019 • Notícias ANPOF

The Philosophy Summer Reading School was created in 2017 by four women philosophy students who wanted to establish a space to read and discuss philosophy together. This event differs from traditional summer schools insofar as there are no lectures during the day. Instead, throughout the day, participants break out into small groups or individually to read. We then reconvene to discuss the material together. We invite three scholars to give an informal workshop on their work and personal experiences in philosophy, and to give a public evening lecture on the current year's topic. This year our topic is "Philosophy and Bodies". 

We are accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students of philosophy, and the application deadline is the 20th of February 2019. We want to advertize ourselves to philosophy students in Brazil, and so were wondering if you had some kind of e-mailing list of Brazilian philosophy departments that we would be able to use. We were also wondering if you knew of any more general South American/Latin American philosophy department e-mailing list. It would be such a great help if we could get a list of emails of philosophy departments, and would make the process so much more expedient. We really want to spread the word about our summer school to all who might benefit.

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you, 
Michael Greer


Michael L. J. Greer
Philosophy PhD Student
CUNY, The Graduate Center